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We are two average fly anglers.

We think so at least. Depending on your take on “average.” A digital artist and a graduate student with a common love for the outdoors and a similar sense of humor. We have a lot of fun fishing, tying flies, and taking photos so we put this blog together to share our enjoyment with others. Or maybe our rants with others. Hopefully it will mostly be enjoyment. If this winter ever ends.

We want to be there if there are fish there.

Certainly we don’t have exorbitant budgets, but if we can make it happen, we’ll fish wherever we can. We would love to be fishing the South Island of New Zealand right meow, or Christmas Island. But since we can’t, we’re happy fishing wherever we can point the Ranger or the Jeep, whether it’s for a lunch break or a week. And we’ll be happy fishing for carp under overpasses five minutes away or trout forty minutes away until we scrape together the funds for our next destination trip.

We’re addicted. OK, really addicted.

If we have the opportunity to be on the water, you can bet we’re going to take it. Whether it’s sight-fishing to bass in the backyard pond or sight-fishing to tarpon a couple thousand miles away, we’re typically happiest with fly rods (or cameras) in our hands and (ideally) fish in front of us. Likely if you’re reading this, you share our addiction. All we can hope is that our words and photos convey that passion!

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