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Shop Spotlight: Old Souls

April 10th, 2014

There is something about a good fly shop that is able to assuage the pangs of fishing-related hunger. A great fly shop embodies the passions of the anglers that have molded it, and Old Souls in Cold Spring, NY, is just such a great shop.


Don’t get me wrong: it is not just a fly shop. James and Tara Caroll are both huge fans of outdoor pursuits, from fly fishing to biking and skiing, and these passions are seen in their shop. It is an outdoor store of the highest order, an oasis for nature addicts. The shop is anchored by brands like Filson, Shinola, Victor, Opinel, Woolrich, Pendleton, and Patagonia. The section most dear to the heart of anglers like myself had the usual stalwarts: Simms, Hatch, Abel, and Rio. Surely this doesn’t do justice to either section, as it does not include anywhere near the full extent of their gorgeous inventory, all quality products and the great majority made in the USA.

However, even if the shop had been empty of such products, the decoration alone would be enough to convey its purpose.
Fighting off the last vestiges of winter.

Fighting off the last vestiges of winter.

The axis of the shop is an antler chandelier, hanging from the wooden rafters and casting light across beautiful wood floors and walls. The Old Souls brand is reinforced in a simple black-and-white “OS” behind the register, while you are greeted when walking up to the shop by the Old Souls logo cut from wood and also emblazoned on the window in gold. I was not able to see the shop in person in its first iteration; it has already expanded into a new space next door to include an increasing amount of product. The grand re-opening party for this new space was what brought my wife and I to the shop for our first (but certainly not last) experience.

Karah and I showed up early so we set to work helping with some final prep, and started with the libations early while doing so. Old Souls has a beautiful garden-type space in the back, which I can’t wait to spend more time on as it continues to warm up. With the addition of two propane heaters, it was still a great place to hang out even with the temperatures dipping a bit. Millhouse Brewing Company provided some killer brew, though there were plenty of other beverages as well, including some Bulleit Rye which was also much appreciated. It was a great time hanging out with people I don’t get to see anywhere near enough, as well as some new friends.

Now THIS is a jockey box.

Now THIS is a jockey box.

Grab a burger across the street, maybe a growler at Cold Spring General… pop in… You won’t regret it.

If you ever find yourself in NYC, do yourself a favor and take the Poughkeepsie train from Grand Central north to Cold Spring. It’s about an hour, and make sure to grab a window seat. Once off the train, it’s a short walk north from the station. Grab a burger across the street, maybe a growler at Cold Spring General next door, and pop your head into Old Souls, You won’t regret it.


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